Aluminum manual CO2 fire extinguisher is
a fire extinguisher that suppresses fire at the early stage of fire through cooling and suffocation actions by releasing CO2, a nonflammable gas, into the protection zone by storing CO2 in fire extinction container.
Weight has been further reduced through the use of aluminum material.
It is clean since it leaves no by-product of disintegration and residues at the time of the releasing of CO₂
It has strong fire extinction power in suppressing fire through the cooling action by rapidly dropping the ambient temperature due to the Joules Thomson effect and oxygen depletion effect.
Chemical agent and container, etc. are more economic than the existing fire extinguishers and all the components used are made in Korea.
It is safe at the time of fire extinction on electrical facilities such as electrical room and communication room since there is no risk of electrocution at the time of fire extinction due to its outstanding electrical insulation capabilities.
There is no need for source of pressurization since the agent is released by the built-in pressure of vapor and no need to recharge regularly since there is no concern for the decomposition of the chemical agent.
Type name Carbon dioxide 2.3kg (aluminum material) Carbon dioxide 4.5kg (aluminum material)
Type number SUSO 05-6 SUSO 05-18-1
Emission distance 2~3 m 3~4 m
Emission time 20 seconds 20 seconds
Chemical agent Main ingredients CO2 CO2
Operating pressure of Safety valve 17.6~24.5 MPa 17.6~24.5 MPa
Unit of fire extinction capability B1 and C ratings B3 and C ratings
Test pressure of cylinder 24.5 MPa 24.5 MPa
Range of the operating temperature -20~40 ℃ -20~40 ℃
Total weight 6~7 kg 12~14 kg
Country of origin
Cylinder Korea Hose Korea
Valve Korea Fire extinguishing agent Korea
How to use manual CO₂ fire extinguisher
Electricity and electronics related facilities such as electrical room,
communication device room and computerization room, etc.,
and locations with special combustible substances such as inflammable gas / solids / liquids, etc.