Main ingredients Inert gas - N252 %, Ar40 %, CO2 8 % Protection of life It is the only clean fire extinguishing agent that protects life by not suffocating people but rather assisting with breathing under low oxygen state with oxygen concentration of less than 15%.
Clean after the release There is no secondary damage due to residues since the fire extinguishing agent is released in gas state. Outstanding fire extinction power It is a fire extinguishing agent that suppresses fire within the protection zone by being released within a short period of time at the time of breakout of fire, and that has outstanding fire extinction power for the prevention of recurrence through maintenance of the fire extinction concentration for long time due to the specific gravity similar to that of the air.
Harmless to human body It is a fire extinction agent that does not corrode equipment etc. since there is no generation of pyrolysis by-product (hydrogen fluoride) that occurs in general halogen compound fire extinction agent, and is harmless to human body Environment-friendly chemical agent It is an environment-friendly fire extinguishing agent with global warming index (GWP) and ozone layer destruction index (ODP) of "0".
Part number Content volume (L) Height (mm) External diameter (mm) Filling
weight (m3)
CY82.5-CD267.4/FP150KGS 82.5 1790 267.4 12.785

NKFS-541 design specifications

Releasing format Total flooding format Design temperature 0~55℃
Class rating A, B and C ratings Storage container 82.5L / 12.785 ㎥
Release head protection coverage area 9.1 X 9.1 m Maximum installation height of the release head 0.3 ~ 7.2m
Release time Releases 95% of the total chemical agent quantity within 1 minute Design concentration (A and C ratings: 36 %, B rating: 41.47 %)
Program NKFS-541_Design_FI_V10 Maximum charging pressure 15 MPa

NKFS-541 characteristics

Outstanding economic value - It is possible to reduce the quantity of installation by 10% in comparison to other companies due to its large storage space for fire extinguishing agent and low fire extinction concentration.
- There is no need to pay expensive royalty to foreign company.
- You can receive 10% discount in fees at the time of retesting of the NKFS container.

Independent technology of the system It was developed with independent technology for the first time in Korea and is the system whose technological capability was acknowledged through installation at the Korea Water and Nuclear Power Plant.
Container valve verified throughout the world The container valve uses pressure of 20 Mpa and is a PED approved product that can be used in Europe. Moreover, it is a product verified by VDS and LPS, which are international authorized testing institutions.
Quick and safe operation device It is possible to open the pressure of the mast container to each of the container valves through the Pilot Flexible Hose promptly, accurately and safely.
The only A/S network in Korea It is possible to provide prompt and accurate A/S because of multiple number of technicians with extensive experiences in the highly pressurized gases allocated at at various business sites in capital region and southern regions of the country.