Principle of the fire extinction of NKFS-Water Mist
- COOLING EFFECT       Air / Gas cooling Cooling of high
      temperature surface
- INERTING EFFECT       Oxygen reduction, oxygen blocking - ADDITIONAL EFFECTS       Purification of smoke/gas, Shielding effect, blocking of radian heat

Characteristics of NKFS-Water Mist
- Less than 1,000㎛ of Dv0.99      Suppresses fire by moving around the obstructions
     Increase in surface area - outstanding evaporation characteristics
     Evaporates in flame - Lowers the oxygen concentration - Suffocation action
     Lower the temperature of source of flame - Cooling fire extinction
- Can be applied to the oil and electrical fire - Lowers the secondary damages of fire extinction - Does not induce environmental problems

Approval of NKFS-Water Mist
- Local Water Mist System : Approval by IMO MSC. Circ. 913 KR - Total Water Mist System : Approval by IMO MSC. Circ. 1165 & 1269 KR

Water Mist System P&ID

Water Mist Nozzle
- Economical due to absence of micro-nozzle
- Ease of installation and construction
   through the use of lock fitting format
   with application of sockets
- Outstanding anti-corrosion property due
    to the use of Sts316 material
- Ease of construction and installation along
   with outstanding economic value with
   maximum protection height of 8m and
   distance between the nozzles of 4m
- Application through analysis of emission
   pattern and mist SMD

Currently supply water mist system for maritime use
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Application of Water Mist
High voltage transformer, underground utility conduit, engine room, machine room, storage for dangerous substances and semiconductor facility room, etc.