Principle of the fire extinction of NKFS-Water Mist
- COOLING EFFECT       Air / Gas cooling Cooling of high
      temperature surface
- INERTING EFFECT       Oxygen reduction, oxygen blocking - ADDITIONAL EFFECTS       Purification of smoke/gas, Shielding effect, blocking of radian heat

Characteristics of NKFS-Water Mist
- Less than 1,000㎛ of Dv0.99      Suppresses fire by moving around the obstructions
     Increase in surface area - outstanding evaporation characteristics
     Evaporates in flame - Lowers the oxygen concentration - Suffocation action
     Lower the temperature of source of flame - Cooling fire extinction
- Can be applied to the oil and electrical fire - Lowers the secondary damages of fire extinction - Does not induce environmental problems

Approval of NKFS-Water Mist
- Local Water Mist System : Approval by IMO MSC. Circ. 913 KR - Total Water Mist System : Approval by IMO MSC. Circ. 1165 & 1269 KR

Water Mist System P&ID

Water Mist Gun
Material : AL 6061
Discharge quantity : 12 ~23 LPM
Pressure : 100bar
Emission distance : 7~ 14m

Can adjust pattern during releasing
Quick absorption of energy
Oxygen substitution and protection against radiant heat
Long release distance
Performances including supply to LG, Samsung Semiconductor and Korea Navy ships
Water Mist Pump System (fixed type)
Dimensions: 1,560×750×1,165 mm, 320kg pump with maximum release quantity of:
128 ℓ/min
Maximum pressure of the pump: 110 bar
Driving motor: 30kW / 380V / 60Hz / 3-phase 8P
Video clip

Application of Water Mist
High voltage transformer, underground utility conduit, engine room, machine room, storage for dangerous substances and semiconductor facility room, etc.