Deck Decompression Chamber
It is a facility that can reduce the pressure consistently with the system that increases pressure to that of the depth similar to that reached by divers by injecting compressed air into the chamber and then decompressing the internal aspect of the chamber while having the divers to inhale pressurized oxygen in order to discharge the nitrogen remaining in the body of the divers.

Conceptual diagram of the process
Commercial Product
Reference for Commercialization
LENGTH 4,400 mm ( Main Lock : 3,100 mm / Entry Lock : 1,300 mm )
Diameter(inside) 1,800 mm
Height 2,000 mm
Volume 10.4 ㎥
Viewport window 2 ~ 4 EA
Code & standard ASME Section VIII Div.1, PVHO-1
Working pressure 7 bar
Test pressure 11 bar
Approval KR(Korean Register)