Service Gas System
In general, it is applied for the purposes of prevention of corrosion, cooling and gas substitution for power generation plant pipeline and equipment, etc., and the N2 gas supply equipment is used in sealing of internal aspect for the prevention of corrosion of steam generator or pipelines and equipment that use water. CO2 supply equipment are used for fuzzy logic in air or various gas pipelines, while the H2 gas supply equipment is used for the cooling of the steam turbine power generator. In addition, they have recently been installed as backup purpose to prevent enormous losses in the process due to the temporary blocking of the supply of such main gases. NKTECH has been supplying the systems that satisfy the requirements of the clients in the processing lines of the power generation plants, chemical plants and general factories throughout the world by engineering such service gas supply equipment.

Types of service gas system

Fixed Storage Vessels
Type N2 Storage Vessels Design Pressure 200 barg
Quantity 3 Units / 1045 L,4 Tubes Design Temperature - 40 ~ 50 ℃
Project Name JRTP/Saudi Aramco N2 Capacity / Unit 627 Nm3
Client Hanwha E&C. PRV set Pressure 20 barg
Tube Cylinder ISO11120 / 1045 L Flow Rate 100 Nm3/hr
Material for Manifold ASTM 106 Gr.b