It is a fixed type fire extinction facility that extinguishes fire through suffocation and cooling action by blocking the oxygen in atmosphere through the releasing of the gas in the protection zone manually and automatic operation at the time of breaking out of fire by storing carbon dioxide, an inflammable gas, in pressurized gas container.
Main ingredients More than 99.5% pure CO₂ Clean after the releasing It is clean since it leaves no by-product or residues of disintegration at the time of the releasing of CO2.
Safe to equipment CO₂ is colorless, odorless and non-conductive gas that does not induce chemical reaction with metal, electrical insulator and oil, etc., and does not cause mechanical damages to the surface of devices. Convenience in use CO₂ as a fire extinguishing agent has very little effect on global warming and has no restriction in its use with the exception of the locations of residence of people throughout the world.
Outstanding fire extinction power CO₂ has specific gravity that is 1.5 times larger than that of the air and has the most outstanding fire extinction power in suppressing fire by cooling action through the generation of dry ice by rapidly dropping the ambient temperature at the time of release through the Joule Thomson effect.
Part number Product name Filling weight
F68.0KLEM 68L Cylinder set 45 kg
F82.5CO2 82.5L Cylinder set 55 kg
NKFS-HPCO₂ design specifications

Releasing format Total flooding format Class rating A, B and C rating
Release time Surface fire (1 minute) deep fire (7 minutes) Fire extinguishing agent charging ratio 1.5
Program NKFS-Hi_Pressure_CO2_
Storage room temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃
Storage container 68ℓ,82.5ℓ Max. release coverage area of nozzle 14 m x 14 m
Maximum installation height of nozzle 0.3 m ~ 6.8 m Types of applied pipeline ANSI(ASTM A53, A106), KS D3562

NKFS-HPCO₂ characteristics

Outstanding reliability of operation Structure that is definitively opened by pressurization Structure that is safe to external impact It has structure that is safe to external impact or falling over of cylinder since the operating pin is imbedded inside the valve. Establishment of reliability of driven pipe It is able to satisfy 100% of the requirements of the clients at the time of trial operation since the airtightness test on the driven pipe can be executed easily. Convenience of recharging and outstanding work efficiency Recharging immediately after the releasing of the gas is possible without separate detachment. Outstanding work efficiency It is possible to connect the actuator within several seconds along with outstanding work efficiency due to the standardization of driven pipe. Verified value by having acquired the certification of PED (Europe) and UL (USA) NK executes manufacturing and quality inspection, and is a proven valve exported throughout the world.
Holds multiple number of design experiences for NFPA 12 We hold experiences and technological capabilities to satisfy the fire extinction act of Korea and NFPA 12 for power generation plants including nuclear plants in Korea and overseas.
Use of components certified by authorized testing and examination institutions All the components including pressurized container, valve, pressurized hose, container driven pipe, safety valve and nozzle, etc. have acquired international certification (UL,ABS,DNV,BV,NK, LR,KR,G L, etc.)
High class pressurization type fire extinguisher in the world It is the product selected as a high class global product with exporting of approximately 150,000 units annually.
Provision of prompt and accurate technical services We are providing technical services including technology supervision, trial run and educational training, etc. promptly and accurately.

Application of NKFS-HPCO₂

Electrical room, power generation room, transformer room, etc. / Communication and computerization facility / Storage for combustible liquids / Locations for concerns for damages by water