Technology capabilities of NKTECH are acknowledged at various industrial sites.
R&D Personnel

No. Program name R&D task name Development period
1 Project for the development of technology for component materials Development of 25~30Nm3/hr class VRA technology for household use for CNG charging 2005.09.01 ~ 2008.08.31
2 Project for the development of in-house technologies Development of technology for natural gas driven vehicle conversion (Bi-fuel, Dual-fuel) 2008.06.01 ~ 2009.05.31
3 Project for the provision of technical support for companies specializing in component materials Technical support for fluidity interpretation and performance evaluation for CNG fuel supply module 2009.06.01 ~ 2010.05.31
4 Joint research project through industry-academia cooperation Development of pressurized container by using high strength 1100 steel plate 2010.08.01 ~ 2011.03.31
5 Project for small and medium business technology innovation development Development of technology for 1% foam liquid external rapid supply type water range fire extinction facilities with new concept to substitute CO2 2011.11.01 ~ 2013.10.31
6 Project for the development of convergence technology for small and medium business Establishment of foundation and basic research for environment-friendly fire extinguishing agent for high efficiency fire extinction and SMART fire detector 2012.06.01 ~ 2014.05.31